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Early Voting: Saturday, May 25th

through Friday, June 7th.

Election Day: Tuesday, June 11th

Meet Linda Hunt: Mom. Grandma. Food Server. Culinary Union Leader. Democrat.

My name is Linda Hunt, I am a mother, grandmother, food server Downtown, and a proud Culinary Union member for over 40 years.

My family moved to Las Vegas in 1961 from Mississippi to escape segregation. Both of my parents worked union jobs — my dad as a laborer and my mom as a guest room attendant. Thanks to their good wages, they were able to provide our family with a good standard of living. They were my ultimate role models. They taught me that whatever job I got, I should make sure it was a union job, and that has stuck with me ever since.

I got my first union job as a bus person. It was such a great experience that I decided to train as a food server. Back then, there were not many African Americans working front-of-the-house jobs in casinos, so for me, that was huge because it set me up for financial success. I bought a home and raised my son from my wages as a food server.

I have family members and friends that rent. I understand how difficult it is these days. Over the years I have happily supported people who have been struggling with high cost rents. I want to be a blessing to others so I decided to rent my first home at an affordable price.

I wish more landlords were like me so that many working families wouldn’t have to work multiple jobs to pay rent.

My greatest joy is being a mother who was able to attend my son's PTA meeting when he was growing up. Feeding the homeless with my church. Selling homes as a REALTOR®. Being a union shop steward afforded me the opportunity to help protect our union contract that has provided a great standard of living for workers.

I've always enjoyed being involved in my community. I have been an active union shop steward, contract negotiating committee leader, and an organizer for 25 years. My commitment was to help workers with their grievances. We need people in local offices who carry more of our community with us, and help people get their voices back. That's why I'm running for Assembly District 17.

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Why I’m Running.

I’m running because I want to have people in office who know what it’s like to punch in daily like me and all my fellow union members do. We need candidates representing working people in the legislature.

I will work hard to get our neighborhoods back and to help people in our community feel safe and to have a voice in Carson City.

I will ensure we can all live and thrive in our community with affordable housing and affordable rents.

I will fight to see that our children and my grandkids enjoy full-time teachers, not long-term substitutes.

I will fight to continue to protect our reproductive freedom.

We need people in office who are going to protect workers and fight for a higher standard of living.

Vote Linda Hunt for Nevada Assembly District 17!


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Education: Our kids need qualified classroom teachers, not long-term substitutes.

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Safety: More Police officers rooted in our community to help keep us safe.

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Housing: Our state needs more affordable housing, for rents and home ownership.

Reproductive Health

Reproductive Healthcare: Protect women's reproductive freedom.


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